CSX Tennis Elbow Strap, Adjustable Tendon Compression, Sport Performace, Black


The Champion CSX X721 tennis elbow strap is designed to provide relief from tennis elbow a painful condition of the soft tissues of the forearm caused by repeated activity requiring a strong grip. Wrapped snugly just below the elbow joint, it inhibits the muscular action that can lead to pain and weakness. Can be worn for mild sprains and strains, or weakness due to injury, repetitive motion or over-exertion. Provides even compression over all the anatomical prominences of the elbow joint. Perforated breathable neoprene and lycra mesh wicks away moisture Excellent for light sports and exercise activity.

  • Can be worn during sports and other activities that tend to aggravate the condition

  • Padded tendon cushion for maximum support and relief

  • Non-elastic foam lined fabric comfortably reduces muscular action and stress on tendons, and allows for normal activity

  • Non-abrasive fastening and adjustment

  • Easy one-hand application


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