CSX Thigh Wrap, Adjustable Compression Support, Sport Performance, Black


The Champion CSX X592 provides therapeutic compression and muscular support for the quadriceps, abductors/adductors, hamstrings and groin area. The unique design makes it simple to apply. Wrap can be worn on either the left or right leg. Delivers adjustable therapeutic compression for a customized fit using a dual wrap-around strap system. Can easily be worn under clothing or athletic apparel even during competition. Can also be used to secure hot or cold therapy devices to help accelerate recovery.

  • Wraparound straps provide customized support, warmth and compression for the calf muscles

  • Can be used to secure hot or cold therapy devices for post-workout

  • Advanced technology high filament materials provide ideal wicking and moisture management to maximize performance

  • Universally adjustable fit most adults


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