CSX Knee Brace, Adjustable Straps, Side Stabilizer, Gel Patella, Sport Performance, Black


The Champion CSX X525 knee support has been engineered to withstand the demands of the elite athlete. No detail was overlooked to reach the goal of providing a seamless blend of comfort, durability and unsurpassed functionality, all in a sleek contemporary design. Non-allergenic and latex free breathable neoprene, wicking mesh for moisture management and the latest non-abrasive fastening technology combine to enhance comfort, fit and function. Anatomically engineered for a precision fit with gel bettress surrounding the kneecap to provide compression and stabilization. Flexible spiral side stabilizers enhance medial/lateral stability, yet flex and extend naturally with the joint. Perforated neoprene and comfort mesh panel behind knee absorbs moisture and wicks away perspiration. Easy-on, easy-off finger pulls make it effortless to apply and remove.

  • Anatomically engineered for a precision fit

  • Reversible and adjustable straps with non-abrasive fastening to customize position and compression

  • Gel patella insert with cool wicking mesh

  • Optimum support side stabilizers

  • Advanced technology high filament materials provide ideal wicking and moisture management to maximize performance


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