CSX Ankle Wrap, Adjustable Compression Support Strap, Sport Performance, Black


The Champion CSX X317 ankle wrap provides comfortable uniform compression over the affected area while helping to permit continued activity without binding or cutting. Absorbs perspiration for all-day wearing comfort. Can be used to treat sprains or to stabilize an ankle that is prone to injury. The mesh sleeve is easy to apply, effectively wicks moisture, and can be worn in a shoe. The multi directional straps deliver ideal therapeutic compression and temperature regulation. Straps with elastic stretch provide more than enough material for compression.

  • Quick-fit breathable mesh sleeve

  • Multi-directional compression straps provide customized support

  • Low profile design can be worn in a shoe

  • Can be used to secure hot or cold therapy devices for post-workout

  • Advanced technology high filament materials provide ideal wicking and moisture management to maximize performance


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