Champion Knee Brace with Hor-shu Support Pad (Small), White


The Champion C-74 knee brace provides excellent multi-directional support over the soft tissues of the knee joint. The design of the brace allows the specially shaped Hor-Shu support pad to self-align and maintain its proper position, thus applying support as a constant, unified stable force.

  • Excellent support - strong one-way stretch rubber core elastic provides firm support and helps improve circulation to promote healing

  • Patented Hor-Shu pad design delivers constant compression directly over the injured soft tissues to speed recovery

  • Three flexible stays on each side move naturally with joint, supporting soft tissues, promoting proper alignment, and preventing re-injury

  • Open patella design allows knee cap to move freely, prevents uncomfortable binding

  • Strong elastic sleeve supports the entire knee area and helps reduce swelling and relieve discomfort


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