Champion Tennis Elbow Strap, White

The Champion C-43 tennis elbow strap is designed to provide relief from ‰ÛÏtennis elbow‰۝, a painful condition of the soft tissues of the forearm caused by repeated activity requiring a strong grip. Wrapped snugly just below the elbow joint, it inhibits the muscular action that can lead to pain and weakness.

  • Can be worn during sports and other activities that tend to aggravate the condition

  • Can be used with removable foam ‰ÛÏaccu-point‰۝ pressure pad for maximum support and relief

  • Non-elastic foam lined fabric comfortably reduces muscular action and stress on tendons, and allows for normal activity

  • Hook and loop closure is fully adjustable and can be trimmed for a custom fit

  • Easy one-hand application


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