Forearm Crutches, Lightweight, Adjustable Height, 1 pair, Chrome

The PCP 5090 forearm crutches or "elbow crutches" require generally more upper body strength than do standard underarm crutches. However, they are easier to use over the long term and promote better posture. While they require more coordination than underarm crutches they are ultimately more comfortable.

Use For: recovery, post-injury, limited mobility issues, and daily living aids

  • Designed for long-term wear and for users with good upper body strength.

  • Adult size, for heights 5'2" to 6'2".

  • Sturdy 1" (2 cm) diameter shaft.

  • Coated cuffs with 180¡ pivot allow free forearm movement.

  • Molded black vinyl hand grips on welded and coated steel handles.

  • Easy single button adjustments.

  • Legs and forearm cuffs adjust independently.

  • 300 lb. weight limit and limited lifetime warranty.


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