Adjustable Double Release Junior Kids Size Walker with 5" Wheels, Grey

The PCP folding walker is intended to provide weight support while walking. It is for those who possess some mobility but who lack the upper body strength necessary for crutches. It is designed primarily for use indoors.

Use For: recovery, post-injury, limited mobility issues, and daily living aids

  • Available in double-release style, or single-release styles. Adult and Junior Size options. Choose wheels, ski-glides, or rubber tips for variable traction.

  • Double-Release Style: Each side folds independently for easy maneuvering through narrow spaces, greater stability while standing. Independent folding allows walker to be pulled closer to assist while rising from a sitting position.

  • Single-Release Style: Quick and easy folding with a single touch of a palm activated push button.

  • Sturdy 1" (2.5 cm) diameter frame.

  • Adult Size (Height Adjustment: 32" - 39 Inches). Junior Size (Height Adjustment: 25" - 32 Inches).

  • Steel front cross brace with internal bushing for smooth operation.

  • Double side flush cross braces for optimum stability.

  • Reinforced rubber tips.

  • 300 lb. weight limit and limited lifetime warranty.


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