OTC Wrist Splint, Cock-Up Lacing, Canvas, White, Left


The OTC 2362 canvas wrist splint is an excellent choice to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, mild to moderate wrist sprain, arthritic pain, or following cast removal. The durable canvas glove with adjustable criss-cross lacing provides support and compression to the wrist to help relieve swelling and minimize pain. The preshaped metal splint prevents painful wrist flexion, and holds the wrist in a comfortable, neutral position to help relieve pain and promote healing.

  • Durable canvas glove is flannel lined for comfortable, full-length support

  • Preshaped metal splint is removable for additional contouring if necessary. Stabilizes the joint and promotes healing.

  • Criss-cross lacing provides uniform compression and support

  • Hook and loop fastener permits easy, one-handed adjustment and closure

  • Slips on and off easily

  • Specify for right or left wrist


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