OTC Reversible Wrist Splint, Cock-up Lacing, Knit Elastic, Black


The OTC 2351 reversible wrist splint is an excellent choice to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, mild to moderate wrist sprain, arthritic pain, or following cast removal. The lined elastic glove provides support and compression to the wrist, wicking away moisture for long term wearing comfort. The anatomically designed metal splint prevents painful wrist flexion, and holds the wrist in a neutral position to promote healing.

  • Preshaped metal splint is removable for additional contouring if necessary. Stabilizes the joint and promotes healing.

  • Elastic glove is perforated and lined for comfortable, long term wear.

  • Hook-and-loop fastener permits easy, one-handed adjustment and closure.

  • Opens flat for easy application over injured or tender wrists.

  • Reversible to fit either right or left wrist


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