OTC Wrist-Thumb Splint, 6-Inch Petite or Youth Size, Lightweight Breathable, Black, Right


The OTC 2086 wrist-thumb splint holds the wrist in a neutral position and the thumb abducted to promote healing and minimize pain. The distal palmar crease contour allows for 90 degree palmar flexion and full finger dexterity. The lightweight laminated foam glove with separate hook and pile cinch fasteners provides support and compression to the wrist to help relieve swelling and minimize pain. The proximal circumferential strap provides superior fixation of the radial stay which allows for excellent immobilization of the thumb. Perfect for latex sensitive wearers.

  • 6" petite adult and youth size glove: well padded durable lightweight urethane foam laminated to lycra for comfortable, long term wear

  • Thumb spica component provides contoured support, motion control and thumb abduction.

  • Lightweight radial and palmar stays are removable and adjustable for various injuries.

  • Three independent hook-and-loop fasteners permit easy, one-handed adjustment and closure.

  • Black color obscures soiling, provides a low profile appearance

  • Specify for right or left wrist

  • Latex free


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