OTC Wrist Brace, Molded Exoskeleton, Low-profile, Exolite, Black, Left


The OTC 2081 Exolite wrist brace holds the wrist firmly and comfortably in a neutral position to promote healing and minimize pain. It is sculpted to fit the nuances of the hand and thus relieve predictable pressure points. It is specially contoured to reduce bulk, and molded three dimensionally to enhance wearing comfort.

  • Lightweight, low profile exoskeleton ‰ÛÒ not as bulky as other wrist braces

  • Molded interior creates a padded surface to maximize wearing comfort

  • Allows for full usage of the fingers and hand

  • Easy hook-and-eye fastening mechanism is fully adjustable for comfort

  • Quick and easy to apply and remove using only one hand

  • Latex free


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