Below Knee BK Stump Shrinker, Limb Compression with Ventilation, Beige


This stump shrinker is typically used to reduce or control swelling in the residual limb of a new below knee amputee patient by applying circular compression. The compression should be greatest at the distal end of the stump and gradually lessen toward the thigh. Use For: Prevention of edema at the distal end of the residual limb (stump).

  • Two way stretch nylon

  • Covered with real rubber core beige elastic.

  • Sleeve is 14 inches in length.

  • Sized by circumferences at the distal end of the residual limb and at 6" above the bend of the knee. Length is measured from distal end of residual limb to 6" above bend of knee. Available Sizes: Small (8 to 12 inches), Medium (12 to 16 inches), and Large (16 to 20 inches).


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