Elbow Brace, Hyperextension Guard, Hinge Support, Beige


Provides elbow stability for mild to moderate medial/lateral and hyperextension injuries. It prevents hyperextension, decreases the need for anti-inflammatory medications and decreases pain symptoms. Knitted beige elastic sleeve. Bilateral hinged bars of lightweight aluminum. Synthetic leather casings. Adjustable non-elastic web motion control encircling strap. Hinged bars prevent elbow extension beyond 160å¡; web encircling strap adjusts to limit extension even further. Use For: Medial and lateral ligament instabilities, control of hyperextension of the elbow joint.

  • High compression elastic sleeve

  • Bilateral lightweight hinged bars with extension stop

  • Adjustable web straps for hyperextension control

  • Sized by circumference around the bend of the elbow


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