Lumbosacral Support, Spinal Disc Rehab Brace, 2-Pull Side, Velcro Front, Short Length, White


Widely used, basic support with broad range of application for slighter-than-average figures. Contact closure tabs in front for the wearer with limited dexterity or hand strength. Use For: Lumbar muscle or ligament sprain or strain, chronic low back pain, herniated disc or disc disease, spinal stabilization.

  • 2 pull side lace support, 1 pair removable and shapeable rigid stays

  • 7" front, 12" back

  • Elastic releases at groin; 3 contact closure tabs in front

  • Sized by hip circumference

  • Availible Sizes: 30 inch hip, 32 inch hip, 34 inch hip, 36 inch hip, 38 inch hip, 40 inch hip, 42 inch hip, 44 inch hip, 46 inch hip, 48 inch hip, 50 inch hip


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